Area high school Nordic skiers are flocking to Elm Creek Winter Recreation Area , it's one of few places they can get a work out.  Their is a 2.5 mile loop that the various metro teams can ski on snow , all else is brown. ] Richard Sennott/Star Tribune. Maple Grove, Minn. Thursday 12/29/11)  ** Matt Hagar  (cq)

Dear Friends,

As you remember last year we didn’t have the Diplomatic Cup because of an unprecedented lack of snow.

This winter season we do have some snow.

More over for the first time a preparation of a special skiing track has been started by the organizers since January 11, 2017.

The Registration has been opened since January 12, 2017 for corporate teams and all comers for individual competitions!

Enjoy hot Swiss chocolate, Nordic smiles and hundreds of new meetings with people from all over the world at the very heart of Ukraine!

Come together with friends to our fun and family friendly event!



DC Team

P.S Don’t forget to bring a little bit snow with you!:)