The idea of Diplomatic Cup of Nordic Skiing was born in early 2013 and was realized during several weeks.

Embassies of foreign countries with rich traditions of winter sports: Austria, Norway and Switzerland were the first initiators of this in many aspects unique event. In 2016 the Embassy of Sweden joined the hosting embassies!.

Ukrainian Ski Club

is the Official Organizer of the Event.


— popularization of Nordic Skiing in Kyiv and Ukraine

— development of friendly relations between diplomatic missions and various organizations in Ukraine;

— satellite charity projects.

On February 2, 2013 a team of USA Embassy «Peace Out» won the first place in the 1st Ever Diplomatic Cup in Nordic Skiing.

The Embassy of Austria took silver medals.

And finally it was the united team of Kyiv City Administration and the hosting City of Kyiv who were the 2nd Runner Up.

24 teams representing diplomatic missions of foreign countries in Ukraine, international, state, business and media organizations took part in the event.

Organizers are grateful to volunteers and all other partners who used to be with us during those unforgettable several weeks of the very first Diplomatic Cup!

The Event is held annually at the end of January — begiining of February.

In 2014 the Event was not held, while next year in 2015 twenty four teams and around 100 individual participants took part!

This season the Event will be held on January 28, 2018 (or February 18, 2018 – reserve date in case of lack of snow).

The concept of the Event and competitions is being established following values of Fair Play, diplomacy and readiness for cooperation.

Happy New 2017 Year to you and your families!